This blog contains my reflections on episodes of the original Twilight Zone TV series. Some of these reflections were initially written for use in an Introduction to Philosophy course I teach at Occidental College. My plan is to go through the series sequentially, adding my thoughts as I go. If you want to follow the episodes from first to last, start at the end of the blog and work backwards, or work from the episode list.

I used to think that there are a small number of episodes of philosophical interest. The challenge now is to find philosophical meat in all the episodes.  I’m not sure that can be done, but I will try, and I’ll admit it if I fail. As of this update, I’ve covered almost 100 of the 156 episodes.  As I re-watch and begin  to write, I sometimes think: “This episode is just fluff. There’s nothing of philosophical interest here.” But then I think further, and so far, in each case, I find that there is something of genuine philosophical interest. I still promise to report any non-philosophical episodes I encounter.

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