Episode 45 – “The Trouble with Templeton”

Booth Templeton is a distinguished and accomplished actor. But he is also an aging actor, confronting a new world order, the order of the young. “Some of us are young.  Some of us are old.” So says the new, young director, who does not defer to Templeton’s age and stature. Rather than submit to the new order, Templeton retreats into the past – same place, 37 years prior.

The problem with time travel is that it takes you back to the past – not the past as  you remember it, but the past as it was. This distinction is at the heart of Templeton’s troubles. Templeton attempts to converse with his long deceased wife and best friend, but how could he?  The characters from his past send him packing – back to the present. Templeton discovers that the actual past is not even a nice place to visit. It’s also clear that you can’t live there, and that’s the lesson Booth Templeton learns from the his  brief visit.

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